We are the world's exclusive provider of lifelike replicas forged from the finest bronze produced by the finest artists and craftsmen of our times.

The marvelous colors witnessed during the heat of real-life battle are captured by the artist through amazing blends of patina and burnishing. We continue the time-honored method of lost-wax casting that has created the masterpieces of every country for centuries. Your trophy will allow you to relive the excitement, pride and honor in catching that trophy fish that had your heart pumping and your chest pounding.

In essence, this is the ULTIMATE TROPHY, a work of art of true beauty and joy.

Your trophy provides you with the ability to participate in the vital philosophy of CATCH, PHOTOGRAPH, RELEASE (C.P.R.), which ultimately ensures that for generations to come, anglers can experience the same thrill of victory and excitement that you have. After all, everyone is awed by the magnificence of a powerful, sleek ocean monarch.

Not only is it our honor to share your victorious pride-filled moment of glory in battle, it is our pleasure to provide you with a WORLD CLASS TROPHY, worthy and capable of reigniting the passion, excitement and pleasure of that triumphant day forever.

Our promise to you: Superior Quality, Superior Service, Superior Pride of Ownership.